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Buy a Meme

Here at Luxury Memes™, we offer many options for our prestigious clientele, and are excited to fulfill your order. Please peruse our options and select the Luxury Meme™️ that is right for you.

When ordering a meme please email: Sales@BizComNet.Org
Include the wallet address or CashTag you are sending from as well as your name address, and any other pertinent information..

Luxury Meme $25:

Our entry level Meme.

Extra shipping and handling for international orders.

Don't be fooled this inexpensive price tag. Every meme at Luxury Memes™ is created and handled with the utmost care and respect. This meme is created on demand by our talented in-house meme creation team. The master copy of your meme is then transferred to a thumb drive and encrypted. We mail the meme directly to you. We never make a copy of your meme or share it. Order secure in the knowlage that your meme has only ever been seen by our meme engeneers.

Platinum Meme $95:

A meme but tangible.

Extra shipping and handling for international orders.

Our flagship product. With our Platinum meme we take every precaution we would with our entry level meme, but give you more. Along with the master of your meme you will also receive your meme printed onto the finest of card stock. Also included in this package is a short video of us painstakingly crafting your meme. Don't think however that because of the added complexity of the Platinum meme you sacrifice any security. Your personal meme engineering team is trained with the printing and video editing skills required for this task. Your meme will be shipped in a protective sleeve making it impossible to be viewed by anyone besides yourself.

Diamond Meme $250:

For people who need a Meme that will last until the end of time.

Extra shipping and handling for international orders.

With the Diamond Meme you receive everything included in the Platinum meme package in addition to that your meme is etched into a solid piece of metal or wood. This is a meme you can enjoy forever, or better yet, purchase this meme for your yet unborn grandchildren with the knowledge that they will grow up with access to at least one fresh meme for them to enjoy in the dystopian mass produced meme saturated future that is undoubtably inching closer every day.

Dank Meme $7,500:

For those serious about having the most rare of all Memes.

Must pay for shipping and handling.

We sincerely apologize that our other meme options cannot satisfy your needs, but fret not. Our Dank Meme is the rarest of all memes. It is designed and produced by our one-of-a-kind blind meme creator. He has studied meme creation for months and, yet, has never made a meme. He will make only one meme: YOURS. He will then retire. Your meme is then hand delivered by our in-house courier, who will ensure the protection of your valuable commodity, while never actually viewing the meme. When the meme arrives at your castle it will have never been viewed by anyone. You will receive the only copy, secure in the knowledge that you have the rarest of all memes.