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That's not really a question.

Why go to a restaurant when there are soup kitchens?

Memes are generrally made and shipped within one week. However, during peak meme season i.e., Valentine's Day and Christmas it may take longer.

It is a Non-Fungible-Token where the Token is a meme.


It’s easier not to. (How weird is that right? Like crypto has got to the point where you just point and click.) Credit Cards still need to go through a third party like PayPal and then a CC company then the bank and they all assess fees. Why do you use Credit Cards? Just use Cash App, it's easier for all of us.

I just said accepting crypto was easy. Way to make me look like an idiot.

Yes, but we don't accept applications. If you have what it takes, we'll find you.

No. To dissuade scalpers and resellers we never discount our memes.

Yes, but we won't give you your money back.

Who told you about that? What do you know?

I'll pee in your balls!

We are blessed to be able to persue our passion filling this shocking gap in the market.